10 April 2013

month three

Harlow 3 Month
 Stats: Month Three (almost a month late posting)
  • Length: unknown because there wasn't really any time to pull out the ruler and measure her
  • Weight: I didn't step on a scale and weigh her and when I thought about it, I realized she is almost 4 months and figured I would just wait until her next doctors appointment
  • Head Circumference: see length note
Likes/Dislikes/Milestones: Month Three
  • She still loves to be held all of the time and prefers to in an upright position more than laying down.
  • Has proven herself to be a great little traveler, though she does cry a little more when I first put her in her car seat now.  Possibly a little PTSD from riding all over the state of Pennsylvania.
  • Moved up to size 2 diapers.
  • Has started to really discover things around her and will make eye contact more.
  • Loves to be talked to.
  • Laughs.
  • Firsts: met Gramma Oakes, Great Gramma and Grampa Harlow and many of her other aunts and uncles on her Daddy's side.  Met her Uncle Sven, Great Granny, Great Gramma Wanda, Aunt Sandy, Uncle Denny, Aunt Rae and cousin Debbie as well.  Took her first long road trip up to Pennsylvania.
Mama's Favorite Moments: Month Three
  • Listening to her laugh.  
  • Also the cute way she sticks out her bottom lip when she is unhappy about something.
  • Watching her face light up when she sees her Daddy on the iPad when we Facetime.
  • How talkative she has become.  Including when I am trying to feed her and constantly have to remind her we don't talk/coo when our mouth is full.
Harlow's 3 Month Photo Shoot #7
Big Sister Interview: Month Three
  • What is the best part of being a big sister? Getting to hold my sissy and kiss her.
  • What is the worst thing? She cries all the time.  It makes it hard for me to think.
  • What is your favorite thing to do with Harlow? I like to dance around with her when there is music playing, moving her arms and feet.
  • What is your favorite thing about Harlow? That she is sweet and cute.
  • How do you help with your sister? On our trip I checked to make sure she didn't have snot coming out of her nose.
  • What did you learn about your sister this month? Babies have yellow poop if they drink breast milk. 
  • How tall do you think Harlow will be? When I am six-years-old she will  come up to my neck.
  • Anything else you want to add? I know her favorite colors are going to be pink and purple and blue.  I am going to make her my assistant when she grows up when I am a gymnastics person, have my bakery and am an artist.  

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  1. I have such cute nieces. And Mabry, oh Mabry, her answers crack me up. You never know what she is going to say. She sure does love her little sis!


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