26 April 2013

spa birthday

A very good friend of Mabes turned six a few weeks ago.  Her parents threw her a spa themed birthday and it was so much fun and very cute.  

They had the dining room table set up as a manicure station.  They had plastic bowls with some colored "spa rocks" and bath salts in them for the girls to soak their hands.  There were all kinds of glittery purple and pink nail polish colors to choose from and even stickers for their nails.  Mabes was in heaven.  In the living room they had set up little plastic chairs and tubs (with more "spa rocks" and bath salts) for pedicures.    
Spa Birthday
Once the mani and pedis were complete they laid down a large blanket and wrapped the girls' hair back with little towels and applied a honey and yogurt face mask.  Mabes did OK with this part, but was not happy when they put cucumbers over her eyes.  She claimed that they were very cold.  Regardless, she looked adorable.
Mabes Spa BDay Party
For lunch the girls dined on pizza and chips and dessert was a fondue station where they were able to dip angel food cake and brownies into chocolate.  They also got to decorate a cupcake that they were able to bring home in a little zebra cupcake box.  

The highlight of the day were the little plastic champagne glasses that were filled with sprite.  When you dropped cotton candy into the glass it would fizz and turn the drink blue or pink (or purple) depending on the color of the cotton candy.  The girls thought that this was amazing and very fancy.
Cotton Candy Drink

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