17 June 2013

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**I am ashamed to admit that I wrote this post almost a month ago on May 20th.  I didn't publish it because it took until last night for me to finally get the photos uploaded to the computer and edited.  Better late than never, I suppose.**

Mabes had her ballet recital over the weekend.  She had missed class for three straight weeks leading up to it while we were in Pennsylvania awaiting the birth of my precious nephew.  Due to the lack of practice, I wasn't sure she still wanted to participate, which I completely understood and told her I would support her decision either way.  We have a rule that when you start something, you finish it.  Needless to say she took that rule to heart and wanted to be able to participate in the recital.  Dan and I were extremely proud of her not only for being so dedicated but also for the hard work she had put in all year learning both ballet and tap.

I will admit that there was a moment that morning of great worry.  Even though I had talked to the teacher about the fact that she had missed so much class and even though the teacher assured me that most of the little ones didn't know the routine and would just be following the lead of the teachers who were dancing just off stage, I worried that Mabes would not know what she was doing and get embarrassed.  Honestly, I worried for nothing.  Most of the little girls in her class were looking off to one side or the other watching teachers and following cues.  In some of the classes before Mabes there were kids who spent the entire time staring out into the crowd and shyly waving.  Mabes did great all things considered.

There was also a moment of panic when I looked down at the stroller and realized it was only a matter of time before Harlow stopped doing this...
Recital 1
...and became a full blown screaming mess, which always happens after morning nap.  Basically she wakes up and wants fed.  Immediately.  If you don't happen to be quick enough about it, she will make her rage known at the highest volume possible.  The last thing I wanted was a meltdown of epic proportions right in the middle of the show.

Can you imagine years later people are watching the videos of their child preforming in their dance recital and suddenly all you hear coming out of the speakers are the screams of what can only be described as a rabid, wild animal?

Ain't nobody got time for that kind of crazy business, Harlow.

Anyhow, in an effort to play it safe I sat there with my nursing cover on just waiting.  As the lights went down Harlow woke up.  There was just enough disorientation going on by being in a new, dark place that I was able to grab and start feeding her before she could work up to a frenzied level of hysteria.  Afterwards she sat happily on my lap, mesmerized by the bright lights and colors of the stage.  Thus allowing me to video and take pictures as I pleased.  Thankfully Mabes and her class were the last act, giving me plenty of time.

I mention the part about Harlow because it felt like a small victory in my current single parenthood status.  I was able to successfully take both of my children into a public place on time, without crying,  and was also able to do the things I wanted/needed to do (take pictures and film for Dan and the rest of the family) without stress or feeling like a total circus.  This is the first time in three months that has happened.

Back to the recital...

It was Wizard of Oz themed.  Mabes was one of the girls from the Emerald City.
Recital 2
You can see in the video how each of the girls is looking at the teachers off to the side as far as following the routine.  Mabes and one other girl seem to be looking at one teacher while everyone else is apparently watching someone else.
After the recital Harlow and I gave Mabes a rose from all of us (Daddy included).  She asked if we could take some photos of her outside to send to her Daddy.
Recital 3
Clearly Harlow was impressed with everything that was going on.
Recital 4
I couldn't be prouder of our little ballerina.
Recital 5


  1. Yep, that is one "special" ballerina and we are so proud of her also. That little sister of hers is kinda cute too.

  2. Way to go, Mabes! And Harlow, and of course, Mommy most of all for juggling all of that! Sending love~


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