24 January 2014

7 quick takes: the first edition

We have been battling sickness here and it has been no fun.  Harlow and I both woke up with colds one morning and it has snowballed since then.  Last weekend I took a Nyquil and ended up sleeping until 10:45 the next morning and then walking around in a fog for the next two days.  For the record when I say I am sensitive to medication, I am not joking.  Thankfully Dan and Mabes have managed to avoid our little sinus/coughing/congestion plague for the most part.

I found a few link that I thought were worth sharing:
8 Simple Steps
When Your Mother Says She is Fat

We have decided to put Harlow on a gluten free diet.  The doctor had her tested for celiac disease. The test came back negative, however that doesn't mean much when the test is only 50/50 on accuracy.  (The only way to know for sure is with a biopsy of her intestine, which we are trying to avoid if possible.)  So we made the decision to go gluten free for a month and see what kind of a difference it makes.  Gluten free is a lot harder than it seems, especially when we have been lucky enough to have gone our whole lives with no dietary restrictions whatsoever.

Friday I did a one-year photo session with Harlow.  Let's all just pretend that I wasn't a month overdo taking the photos.  I will post more photos from the session later, but this is one of my favorites.  I feel like it encompasses exactly what the last month has been like with her.  I think a lot of that has to do with the teeth that seem to be popping up in her mouth all of a sudden.  I am not going to complain about how clingy she is with me or how hard it makes getting anything done when she only wants to be held 24/7 because it means extra cuddles and that is never a bad thing.  However, if she decides that she can do without the 2am cuddles, I would be OK with that.
Harlow 1 Year Photos 32

Mabes requested an Elsa dress from Santa this past Christmas.  The dress turned out to be more elusive than Big Foot and took us more than a month to track down.  It came the other day and she has worn it nonstop since then.  Dan is enjoying all of the glitter that seems to be making its way off the dress and onto every square inch of surface of everything in the house.

The Rosie Network: I recently joined this network with my photography business.  They are a new site that promotes military owned small business.  They launch to the public tomorrow!  I am really excited about the potential opportunities this will lead to.

Dan signed in to his new job on base yesterday.  He has some training he has to complete before he officially starts, but we are all ready for him to spend some time stateside and not have to worry about a deployment looming for at least the next few years.

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