06 January 2014

catching up on harlow's last six months

In June Harlow started to realize that she could control her voice.  She realized she could make us laugh by making silly sounds.  This pleased her (and still does) to no end.  I referred to a lot of her noises as dinosaur noises because they are more like a growl than anything.

June is also when Harlow began to really sit up on her own.

At the end of September she cut both of her front bottom teeth.  We also moved her from an infant car seat to a rear facing, larger car seat.

In late September/early October she began pulling herself around the floor.  She wasn't full on crawling for several weeks.  Every time anyone put her knees under her she would start to cry and refuse to move.  Once she did start to crawl (and the way she continues to) she decided to let her one leg basically drag behind her.  She looks like something out of the Walking Dead moving across the floor, but she is fast and it works for her.

One thing we have learned is Harlow is stubborn and will do things in her own time and in her own way.  Dan and I are OK with that...for now.

In October she said her first word, Dada.  I am pretty sure at first she thought it meant "feed me more food" based on when she would say it.  Which was usually in the highchair as soon as I had finished feeding her the last bite of whatever was on her plate.  She has now added "Mama" to her vocabulary, but uses both very sparingly choosing to point at things with her chubby finger or babble instead.

November we took her to Disney World.  She did AWESOME compared to what we were expecting, both on the long car ride to Florida and at the park itself.  Any ride that didn't have a height requirement she was allowed to go on and aside from the spinning tea cups, loved it all.  A favorite was the Dumbo ride.  She managed to get her hands on the little lever inside the car that allows the rider to control if your elephant goes up or down and she lurched us all over the place, laughing hysterically all the while.  The biggest highlight of the month was when she started giving kisses.  Most of the time when Dan and I ask she will kiss us, sometimes she really makes us work for them.  Mabes, on the other hand, is always getting kissed by her sissy, no asking needed.  Lucky Mabes.

Just before the new year we saw that she has finally started cutting her top two front teeth.  She is also starting to pull herself up onto her knees, but for the most part has no interest in standing or attempting to walk.  (Though she does march around when we hold her hands.)

Harlow 5 Months #2
(5 Months Old)

Harlow 6 Months #3
(6 Months Old)

Harlow Photo Shoot #3
(7 Months Old)

Harlow 8 Months #2
(8 Months Old)

Harlow 9 Month #13

(9 Months Old)

Harlow 10 Months #5
(10 Months Old)

Wedding Photo Day 15
(11 Months Old)

We went months and months of her waking up anywhere from two to four times a night.  I was starting to reach the end of my sanity limits.  In late September I started forcing her to sleep through the night using the cry it out method.  She still wanted to party at least twice a night, but finally figured out that from 8pm-6:30am is a nonnegotiable sleeping time.  There are still nights where she attempts to push the limits of the rules, but for the most part she does really well at night.  Nap time has always been good.  Usually she sleeps for 3-4 hours every late morning/afternoon.  For the most part she always wakes up happy and ready to go.  Harlow still likes having a crochet blanket with her to go to sleep.  I think it is safe to call her a blanket kid, but only at bed/nap time.

Session with the Meullers #19
(For her first Halloween she was a chicken/duck)

I introduced her to solid foods starting just before six months.  Other than peas, there hasn't been a thing that she hasn't liked.  She has always been more interested in what we were eating than the purees I was feeding her and so from about November she eats basically everything we do, only cut up into tiny pieces.  She only has two teeth and that makes chewing a little complicated, but she has done really well.  Some of her favorite foods include tortillas, chicken, steak, macaroni and cheese, scrambled eggs, cheese, tomatoes and green onions.  She is only nursing before bed.  I have enough pumped breast milk that she gets a bottle as soon as she wakes up in the morning as well.  When we use up everything in the freezer we will introduce her to whole milk.  Throughout the day she drinks water or very watered down apple juice.  It was a fight to find a sippy cup she was willing to use, thank goodness there was one from Nuby that she finally took to.  It also took a little bit of work, but she can successfully drink from a straw if we need her to.

(Picking up Daddy from the airport when he came home from deployment.  These two hadn't seen each other in 9 months and they picked right back up as if no time had passed.)

Harlow is a total ham.  She loves to laugh and to make us laugh.  She is curious and constantly trying to discover and explore.  Everything is considered fair game to chew on.  She is also a total cuddle bug and will happily lay in our arms, curl up in our laps or rest her head on our shoulders any time she can and will stay that way for as long as we let her.  Mabes is still her favorite person and Harlow follows her everywhere.

GF0A1502 copy
 (1 Year Old)

It is safe to say that Miss Harlow has stolen all of our hearts.

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