02 January 2014

mabes catch up

Today I thought would be a great time to recap the last six months or so of what has been going on with this little lady:

We spent much of the summer traveling to Georgia and Pennsylvania and back again.  All the while playing dress up and princess.
Mabry is all dressed up

In August she started Kindergarten.  Unfortunately the first full week of school she missed due to a tick bite and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.  It was not fun.  
Mabry's first day of kindergarten #9
Sleeping Mabes #4

She also traded in dancing for gymnastics this year.  Ever since she saw the American team during the 2012 Summer Olympics she has been all about learning to do gymnastics.  

Early September she celebrated another birthday.  Six years (or as she put it on the morning of her birthday, "It takes two hands to count to me!").  Seriously where is the time going?  This year she was able to have two birthday parties.  One party in Atlanta at the American Girl Store with her Gamma, some of her Nashville cousins, Aunt Vail, Gloria and Elayna.  The other party was an ice cream social in the park near our church that was filled with lots of friends and family.
Mabry's 6th Birthday in Georgia #16
Mabry's 6th Birthday Party #4

For Halloween Mabes was insistent that she be Jasmin.  I had already planned to dress her like a farmer.  In my defense I was dressing her little sister up to look like a chicken and I thought it would be the perfect themed costume.  When I told her my idea she looked at me like I had gone way off the reservation.  In the end she deemed my plan no beuno and used her own money to buy herself a costume fit for a princess.  This was also the first Halloween where there was very little struggle to get her to trick-or-treat (which we did in our neighborhood with Harlow, Wyatt and our favorite neighbor, David).
Session with the Meullers #14

October is also when I landed her in the Emergency Room after accidentally lodging her earring back all the way inside of her ear.  To make a long story short, she had pushed the backs of her earrings on so tight (unbeknownst to me) that they were practically already ripping into her ear.  After her bath one night I was using the towel to dry her hair, her earring got caught on the towel and when I pulled it away from her head it pulled out the earring and pulled the back inside of her ear.  It was not a good night and unfortunately she is no longer able to wear earrings until her ears fully heal.  She isn't interested in having anymore holes put in her ears and instead told me for prom and her wedding she would put "stickers" on her ear lobes and call it a day.
Mabry's earring back stuck in her ear #5

Early November was definitely the highlight of the year.  Aunt B, her Daddy and I were able to pull off a huge surprise at gymnastics when Daddy finally came home from deployment.

After Daddy's return it was a whirlwind of trips and holiday plans.  We took a trip up to Pennsylvania, we took a surprise trip to Disney World (where her dreams came true when she met the princesses from the movie Frozen) and we took two trips to Georgia.  All the while Mabes was the fantastic little traveler I have grown accustomed to.  Very rarely does she complain or ask to stop...that is as long as we are willing to keep playing the movies on the DVD player (that she thinks only works on long car trips.).  
Wedding Photo Day 13
IMG_0840 copy

Some of my favorite Mabes sayings from the last six months include:

"Mama, I've waited for this moment my whole life!" Said after I put both her and Harlow in a cart sans baby carseat for the first time.
Mabes: Mama, did you know I am a kid?
Me: What?! You aren't an adult?! 
Mabes: No. You aren't a grown up until college. No! Wait! You are still in school in college. What age are you a grown up? 
Me: 25
Mabes: No! You are tricking me. It is 26. Until then you and Daddy are the boss. 
Me: You are right. 
"You are such a squishy, cute baby! I can't get enough of you!" 

Mabes has been a wonderful big sister to Harlow.  She is always ready and willing to help with Harlow from getting diapers, to picking out clothes or entertaining her while I cook.  She can't ever seem to get enough of her baby sissy (even when her sissy doesn't feel quite the same way).  Every night when I put her to bed she will tell me, "Mama, I only got to hold Harlow a little today."  No matter how long her sister patiently sat on her lap earlier in the day.  Or worse, "Mama, I didn't get to hold Harlow at all today!"

Mabes has been a big help around the house...taking on responsibilities with chores (she now makes her bed, helps with laundry and other basic cleaning).  She is always good about doing her homework and going to school.  She loves her teacher and has lots of friends in her class.  Other than the need to work on patience and talking a little less she is a great little girl to be around.

State College 21
Mabry Grace 9.19.13
We love our Mabes.

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  1. Yes, we do love are Mabes to the moon and back.


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