10 March 2014

party of five


Surprised?  So are we.

Dan and I were shocked at first.  Now we are excited and can't wait to meet our gremlin in the fall.

However, if you would keep me in your prayers I would appreciate it.  My anxiety attacks are back with an ugly vengeance.  I have hardly slept in the last few weeks, my stomach is twisted in knots, and many tears have been shed over the worry I feel about the whole birth process.  The first trimester has not been good to me and I have been operating on a level very consistent with low-grade flu-like symptoms.  It hasn't been much fun.

On the upside, baby snuggles are in the top three very best things in the whole world and that is what is waiting on the other end of all this anxiety and sickness.

1 comment:

  1. Congrats to all of you. Sending prayers your way for a more relaxed and anxiety free time over the next months.

    love you


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