17 April 2014

let's talk about miss harlow

When Mabes was born I documented everything.

First sneeze, September 6, 2007 9:05pm!

I documented every day with photos.  No joke, I have folder after folder filled with photos that chronicle every single day for the first three months of her life.  After that I have folders filled with photos from every week of her life up until she was about four.  Furthermore every single photo is meticulously labeled with the location, every person in the photo, the date, and what we were doing when the picture was taken.  I'm not a big scrapbooker (read: I hate scrapbooking) but that didn't stop me from putting together a custom fairy tale themed scrap baby book for her to treasure all the milestones of her first year of life.

Then comes the second child.  Loved just as deeply as the first, but unfortunately just not as well documented.

Poor Harlow.  I tried my best to at least photograph her once a month on her "birthday anniversary."  That worked well for the first eight or so months and then I forgot until a few days after the fact and then dropped the ball entirely.

Documenting firsts, that is a joke.  I had to answer some questions the other day regarding some of Harlow's bigger milestones and my answers were anything but specific.  

Doctor: When did she roll over for the first time?  
Me: Um, four months?  No!  Five months.  Yeah, I think it was five months.  Maybe?  Does that sound about right for a baby?

I also have a folder on my desktop called "SERIOUSLY EDIT THESE ALREADY."  I kid you not, inside that folder is over 4000 photos from the last 16 months of all of our family events, Harlow's newborn photos, etc. that have never been sorted, looked at or edited.  Labeling them with accurate dates, people, locations...that's never going to happen.  

At this rate when the new baby comes this fall there will be one blurry Instagram photo of the little gremlin taken before I hand him/her off to a pack of wild dogs and say, "Raise yourself kiddo.  It's a sink or swim kind of world."  

In all seriousness, this is something I want...no NEED....to rectify.  It weighs heavy on my heart that I don't blog and document our lives as much as I once did.  The story of my family is fading quickly into distant memories that we may not remember.  I have decided to make it a priority to sort through the folder of photos from the last 16 months, to finally edit my baby's newborn photos before the next newborn comes and before my baby isn't a baby anymore.  I'm also realistic and realize that there are some things that are going to have be lost to the dark recesses of our minds.  I will never have some of the dates/times of Harlow's firsts.  However going forward I am going to make a greater effort.  I may not be able to document the big milestones the second they happen, but I will document them.

Starting now.

Let's talk about Miss Harlow.

This girl is the biggest chatterbox.  Almost everything she says is baby babble, but there are some words mixed in.  She says Mama, Dadda, Mabry (pronounced Maybe), bye-bye and night-night (she just started saying it this week).  She also knows and uses some sign language.  The big ones she is consistent with using include, Please, More, Thank You and All Done. She also does this silly thing where she sticks her tongue in and out of her mouth (almost like she is licking her lips very quickly) to indicate she wants a drink from her sippy cup.  

I'd show you videos of her talking, signing and even babbling.  Except I can't.  Because every single time I try to video her she either grabs for the phone and throws and unholy fit if I won't give it to her or smiles and refuses to do anything but stare at me. 

The girl has a stubborn streak that is not only a mile long but equally as deep.  Translation: Dan and I are in so much trouble when she gets older. 

We have been working for months on trying to get her to walk. The stubborn streak has been making the whole walking thing hard.  I made an appointment with a therapist to come and observe her and make sure we were all doing what we can to encourage the walking.  I made the appointment two days ago.  Which meant that yesterday she decided to take a few steps on her own for the first time.  Of course since then when we try to get her to walk she immediately sits down.  I'm keeping the appointment.

She loves bath time and is still the biggest cuddle bug.  As I type this she is sitting on my lap with her chubby cheek pressed into my chubby cheek and she is calmly watching the words I type appear on the screen content to be held by Mama.

She also loves any toy with wheels that she can push around.  For Christmas we bought her a car that she can ride in while we push her around.  In the evenings we take her on walks while she rides in her car.  She loves to beep the horn and wave at people.  

Bedtime has gotten much better.  I figured out that as long as she has a pillow, she will stay in her own bed.  I guess she got used to sleeping on mine and that was why she would scream and fight until we broke down and put her in bed with us.  

She eats everything we eat and has started to insist she feed herself.  Anything pasta related is her favorite.  

Tomorrow I am making it a point to photograph the girls in their Easter outfits, so expect the next post to include photos.  

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  1. Don't be so hard on yourself. I won't even tell you how many pictures of Katy I don't have. Also Micah didn't start walking until he was 16 months old. She is good.


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