12 March 2015

Harlow...Sometimes There Are No Words

The girl is capable of one cute photo...
The Oakes Sisters #2
Followed by one that clearly illustrates her personality. 
The Oakes Sisters #4
Silly Oakes Sisters #2
Silly Oakes Sisters #3
(What I really love about the photo above is she was still attempting to say "cheese" and be sweet.  The crazy just sort of finds a way of escaping.  I hope she never ever changes.)

Harlow attempting to ride Kate as a horsey #2
"Look Mama KateKate a horsey!"  Don't worry I snapped one photo (clearly Kate wasn't even remotely concerned) and then got her off of her sister.

1 comment:

  1. Those facial expressions crack me up and the other two are serious (even though Kate doesn't know that yet) about following what mama wants


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